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Heather Maze

This heather path maze is of a form used by the medieval Christian Church as an aid to meditation. Wide enough for wheelchairs and pushchairs it can be an opportunity for quiet contemplation or indeed tireless racing round.

Recently replanted, the heather in bloom is a feast for our bees in this sheltered walled garden.  The varying sorts of heather in the path maze, flower at different times of the year providing all season round sustenance for our bees.  

Terraced Gardens

The lawns, terraced in the 1850s, and the Victorian colonnade are the most formal elements of essentially very natural gardens at Mirehouse.  The lower terrace (historically known as "Canada") is the start of the Poetry Walk which celebrates the unique literary connections of Mirehouse, past and present.

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The Bee Garden

About 50 yards (46 m) along the drive, the Bee Garden is signed to the left. From the cover of the wood you emerge into a spacious, sheltered garden, always several degrees warmer than outside. This walled garden was created about 1780. In the mid 1990s extensive restoration was carried out.

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