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Mirehouse offers a wide range of facilities and educational opportunities. The house has been occupied as a family home since it was built in 1666. It is set in a varied landscape of fell side, forest, gardens and lakeshore. There are four sheltered woodland adventure playgrounds.

We have worked with teachers since 1981 and our experienced guides enjoy welcoming children and encourage participation. Many schools bring groups regularly.

Where teachers have the time, free preparatory visits are welcome. We are always pleased to discuss your visit on the telephone and to adapt the timing and/or content of the house tour to ensure you have the best value from your visit.

There are opportunities to tie in a visit to the house and grounds with the following areas of the National Curriculum.

History Key Stage 1 Way of life of people beyond living memory
Homes and Houses
  Key Stage 2 Victorian Britain
Houses and places of worship. Domestic life.
Families and children.
Geography Key Stage 1 Quality of the environment Following a route. Soil, water and rocks.
Activities which have changed the environment.
Identifying the features of a place and how they may affect the lives of people living there.

School visits are welcome at any time between April and October by appointment.